"Water Me is a video game created to relay the experience of being stranded in your house while a flood has cut you off from the outside world.

Its players' objective is to keep an indoor plant alive (and in so doing, to survive the tedium of being trapped themselves). If you water the plant with tainted tap water, it will die. Each day you must water it; you can also listen to the radio and look out the window. Each game lasts a week, though players have the ability to fast forward time, or linger on an experience, as they experience the feeling of waiting for water to recede, and for life to resume."

– Bruce Lampros
Art Papers, May/June 2016

"When the flood hit, much of the city was inaccessible.

Dams burst, bridges failed and roads were impassible under pools of water. Pipes burst, tainting the drinking water supply. There was not much to do but wait for conditions to improve and resources to return to capacity.

In Water Me, a team of artists–Cecil Decker, Chris Johnson, Danny Oakes, James Owens and Michelle Skipper–recreate the experience of being shut in during the flood with a video game challenge. To win, the player must keep a plant alive–feeding the plant fresh water, not contaminated water from the tap. As days pass in the game, the player passes time watering the plant, listening to the radio and staring out the window."

–Seth Gadsden
Waterlines curator, Indie Grits co-director