Once classes resumed following the flood, filmmaker and USC instructor OK Keyes took immediate action tasking cinematography students to create experimental short films about the flood and its impact inspired by the haiku poetry of Matsuo Bashō.

As they begin to rise again
Chrysanthemums faintly smell,
After the flooding rain.

Rather than finding dark clouds and still swollen waterways, however the students found beautiful skies in the weeks following the flood.

Merging the two–the darkness of the flood and the light that followed–is after the flooding rain, a multi-channel, interactive video installation created by Keyes’ students. Using projections of underwater footage, the piece creates the experience of being submerged. As viewers navigate the space, immersing themselves in the darker water, their movements trigger the brighter, more lyrical videos made after the flood. The abstract vignettes symbolize an attempt to interrupt the waters, just as the waters interrupted Columbia.