some waterlines artists were challenged to do work outdoors, activating public spaces in a way that would invite viewers to engage with our theme and encourage participation beyond the indie grits community.

This year’s Mural Artist-in-Residence Josef Kristofoletti invokes our aesthetic preoccupation with, and complicity in, our own gradual destruction, using a building on Taylor Street as his canvas.

The piece appropriates rainbow-like bands from chromatography–a process whereby the chemical components of a mixture are revealed through color in such a way that they recall ribbons of gasoline floating on water or the remnants of a chemical spill left on the sides of a building.

That waterline illustrates the devastating, contrary beauty of mass pollution and environmental degradation. Meanwhile, the mural’s title, Tokamak, identifies a reason for hope: the same-named fusion reactor that some believe offers a solution to our long-standing dependence on fossil fuels.