"The primary materials of Flooded are firsthand accounts harvested from individual users on social media to form the Columbia Flood Archive.

The work identifies patterns found across lnstagram feeds on a macro level, while still connecting to individual posts. An interactive data map functions as a malleable digital sculpture, and informs a large physical one, where recycled water containers are hung in the shape of a cloud, raining down from which are fiber optic filaments."

– Bruce Lampros
Art Papers, May/June 2016

"Artist Jordan Young set out to portray the flood experience in sculptural, mathematical, and digital terms. In collaboration with fiber sculptor Susan Lenz and USC Professor of Mathematics Jerry Griggs, Young’s Flooded mines data and the flood archive to sculpturally chart how social media users documented their experiences of the flood. The piece is an attempt to show the hidden patterns underlying the collective experience of the flood. Viewers also will be able to navigate first-hand video accounts of the flood as an interactive element of the sculpture."

Seth Gadsden
Waterlines curator, Indie Grits co-director